Fonda’s mission is to take you on a tour to explore, discover and revel in the vast landscape of Mexico's rich and vibrant cuisine. Fonda's influence comes from 3 prominent culinary states in Mexico: Michoacan, Nuevo Leon & Guerrero. Indigenous ingredients used are similar but different outcomes are the result of the cook on the stove and family influences. Combining the knowledge, respect and love for Mexican cuisine and ingredients with the classical French background of Chefs Carlos and Miguel results in a distinctly unique experience.

Fonda Cantina has two dining experiences to take you from our past to the present. Fonda, which is a more traditional approach to dining, and the Cantina, which celebrates their cocktail program, and allows guests to enjoy a meal a little more quickly. Both distinctly rooted in the restaurant's goal: to provide authentic and thought-provoking cuisine.

FONDA also offers a variety of options for hosting your private party for lunch, dinner or cocktails. From groups of 10 to 150, their team will guide you to create a memorable evening to delight your guests.

1735 Benson Ave.