Evanston Gift Card

Downtown Evanston Gift Card
The Evanston Gift Card is a community-based, digital gift card that makes it fun and easy to keep local spending local. Click here to purchase an Evanston Gift Card!

When you purchase an Evanston Gift Card, the recipient can use it at any of the participating businesses in Evanston including restaurants, retailers and service providers. With this card, the sender can write a personal message and send it to family, friends and colleagues via email, text, or physical copy. 

Recipients can choose to spend it at one of sixty (and growing) participating merchants in Evanston—or mix it up and spend flexibly at multiple locations. All-digital and always available on your phone, the Evanston Gift Card is great for birthdays, holidays, teacher and coach appreciation or just to show your appreciation to a friend. Now you can give back to the community while you celebrate upcoming graduations, Father’s Day, birthdays and more. 

Downtown Evanston and our community partners – Main-Dempster Mile, Central Street Evanston, Evanston Chamber of Commerce and the City of Evanston – launched the program to help create a pool of cash that local businesses in Evanston can rely on. By supporting local businesses, more money continues circulating through the local community. 

Questions? Please call 847-866-6319