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When The Barre Code co-founders Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin met through mutual friends back in 2009, they quickly bonded over a shared passion for women’s fitness. The two, who had been independently choreographing workout routines for years, joined forces to create Barre Bee Fit (The Barre Code’s original name), a complete fitness program specially engineered for women. After months of careful planning and teaching classes out of Jillian’s condo, they signed a lease on a basement space in Chicago’s River North neighborhood in 2010. Within six months, the flagship River North studio expanded to include a second studio room. Ariana and Jillian opened a second location in Lincoln Park in 2011, a third in the Gold Coast in 2012, and a fourth on Michigan Avenue in 2013. In late 2012, The Barre Code started a national franchising program as “Barre Bee Fit,” and has since grown its national presence to over 15 signed locations nationwide, with 5 corporate locations located in Chicago. In July of 2014, Barre Bee Fit rebranded to “The Barre Code” to reflect the core of its business – the Barre Code mantra – and to reach an even wider demographic of women ranging in all ages. The Barre Code goes well beyond the barre, offering a variety of classes that allow clients to get cardiovascular conditioning, strengthening work, and restoration all in one place. Instructors undergo intensive training to learn The Barre Code’s program’s methodology and approach to motivation. With ever-changing routines, new props, and customized playlists and lighting, The Barre Code classes are a full-on fitness experience. In just a few short years, Jillian and Ariana have assembled a strong team of instructors, client relations representatives, and executive team members behind this movement. They are thrilled to have franchise owners around the country joining them in their pledge to live by the Barre Code and bring The Barre Code lifestyle to women everywhere.

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