Botti Studio of Architectural Arts is a nationally recognized company headquartered in Evanston, Illinois with additional offices and design facilities in New York City, LaPorte, IN, Sarasota, Florida, San Diego, CA, Agropoli, Italy and Nassau, Bahamas. The Company maintains nearly 40,000 square feet of studio space in Evanston and LaPorte, Indiana. Botti Studio was established in the United States in 1864. The Company’s origins trace back to Agropoli, Italy in the late 16th century and to Panzironi Studios, which was established in Florence, Italy in the 17th century. In the 1960’s, the Botti and Panzironi Studios merged to become Botti Studio of Architectural Arts in New York City. Today, the Studio is led by Ettore Christopher Botti, who has worked at the Studio for over 40 years.

Botti Studio specializes in the design, restoration, conservation, and fabrication of leaded stained glass and Dalle de Verre glass. The Studio also specializes in statuary, marble, mosaic, bronze, brass, steel, painting and decorating, murals, and all types of woodwork. The Studio’s services range from total restoration/conservation projects to new and contemporary projects for religious, secular and commercial institutions. The Studio works in close partnership with architects and contractors to meet client needs. Botti Studio of Architectural Arts is dedicated to the concept that craftsmanship, creativity and respect for our clients needs, ideas and requirements, form the underlying philosophy for our Company.

The Botti Studio team includes over 40 full time crafts people, technicians and conservators. Many of Botti Studio’s crafts people received their training at leading Academies of Art in Europe. Almost half of Botti’s crafts people have come to the Studio from Europe. Collectively, the Studio’s crafts people have over 700 years of stained glass and ecclesiastical art experience. The average experience level of a Botti craftsman is 20 years.

919 Grove St.