Eat & Drink

Boiling Pot brings a modern twist on Taiwanese flavors and tastes, meanwhile introducing international flavors from all regions, such as Taiwanese spice, Taiwanese stinky tofu, Japanese miso, Korean kimchi, Curry fish ball, Sichuan, and Thai flavored hot pots. Boiling Pot is the first Taiwanese hot pot restaurant in Chicago to include individually selected flavor served specifically for one person, compared to the usual hot pot, in which two flavors are split in a pot and shared between two to four people. It also shifts the focus from the unhealthy seasonings in soups to healthy meat and seafood flavored vegetable based broth that is ready to drink.

In addition, Boiling Pot also carries small bites, shaved ice, and tea. The goal of this innovation is to provide their customers with the healthiest way to enjoy their fresh dishes, while maintaining its environment friendly standards. To achieve the standard that they aim for in their mission, the finest products and ingredients are personally selected.

608 Davis St.

  • Sunday-Thursday, 11am-9pm
  • Friday & Saturday, 11am-10pm